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Welcome to Snoot Boop Ragdolls

Where Passion Meets Preservation

Dedicated to the preservation and education of purebred Ragdolls from traditional lines. TICA & CFA Registered Ragdoll breeder. Committed to healthy, well-socialized and high quality Ragdoll kittens. Focused on continuing impressive pedigrees from champion bloodlines.

Dedicated to raising and keeping cats in an ethical way. All cats are cage-free. My Ragdoll kittens grow up loved and happy under-foot ready to go from my family home to yours. All cats are DNA Genetic Health tested before breeding. All kittens backed by a 4 Year Genetic Health Guarantee.

Experience the Ragdoll difference and why the breed remains the #1 most popular cat breed.

Located in the Dallas-Forth Worth-Arlington (DFW) area of Texas. Travel options available.

Some examples of my previous Ragdoll kittens seen below as well as here:

All Ragdolls go home up-to-date on Veterinary Care (boosters, spay/neuter, check-ups).

All cats are seen by Dr. Bratton at Holt Veterinary.
All Ragdolls go home microchipped with free life-time registration included through PetLink.

All kittens are born from breeding Ragdolls that are DNA Genetic Health Tested with proof given.

All kittens backed by a 4-Year Genetic Health Guarantee.

All kittens go home with 1 free month of Trupanion Pet Health Insurance.

All Ragdolls go to their adopted family with a care package to help ease the transition home.


I strive for the betterment of the breed's health. I am determined to help preserve the Ragdoll breed for future generations to fall in love with. I do my best to match life-long homes for each cat that leaves here. No Snoot Boop Ragdoll will be a shelter cat. All will have homes for life.

The following are my beliefs and promises as a Ragdoll breeder:


Preservation Breeder

Committed to preserving the Ragdoll breed according to the written breed standard. Committed to preserving Ragdolls from traditional lines.


Health Guarantee

Committed to backing all my Ragdoll kittens with a 4 Year Genetic Health Guarantee. All breeders are DNA Genetic Health tested. All cats come with proof of veterinary care.


Champion Line Ragdolls

Committed to breeding healthy, well-socialized purebred Ragdolls from Champion lines with impressive pedigrees.


Full-Time Care

Committed to full-time care and socialization. All are cage-free. Raised under-foot. Ensuring our Ragdolls are well-adjusted and thrive with their new families at home.


Ethical Cattery


Committed to the ethical treatment of all cats and kittens in our home, as well as their future families. Transparency always.

Veterinary Background

Committed to proper veterinary care for all cats. Education and experience from veterinary, fostering, adoption and rehabilitation work with kittens and cats. 

Recognition & Memberships

I believe in doing my best to match my Snoot Boop Ragdoll kittens and families together.

The following is a review I am proud to have received (you can see the original here):

Snoot Boop Ragdolls is a supporting member of the following organizations and Ragdoll breed clubs:

TICA Logo.png
CFA Logo.png

Snoot Boop Ragdolls follows each organization's Code of Ethics.

Ragdoll Colors & Patterns

Guide to Ragdoll Cat Colors 

In the Ragdoll world there are traditional colors and non-traditional colors. All traditional line Ragdolls only come in traditional colors. Non-traditional line Ragdolls can come in traditional colors. A Ragdoll being one of the traditional colors does not mean it is from traditional lines.

Traditional Ragdoll Coat Colors

Seal, Blue, Chocolate and Lilac Point Ragdolls

Non-traditional Ragdoll Coat Colors

Red and Cream Point Ragdolls

Understanding Ragdoll Patterns

Ragdolls are a colorpoint breed. Ragdolls only have colorpoint coats. Ragdolls only have blue eyes. Not aqua, teal, green or any other shade or color. Being colorpoint affects every part of their color.

How Colorpoint Breeds Work

The points or ends of the cat are darker than the rest of it (face, ears, legs, feet and tail). Being a point breed also means Ragdolls are born white. A Ragdoll's coat colors and pattern reach full development around 3 years of age. Colorpoint breed eyes are always blue.

Ragdolls Come in 3 Main Patterns

Mitted, Colorpoint and Bicolor

Pattern Overlays

Tortie (from the Red gene), Lynx (tabby stripes) and Torbies (both Tortie and Lynx together).