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Blossom Plumeria of SnootBoop

Marlcreek Trixy Trillium of Blossom, Blue Point Mitted Ragdoll.

Dam: Marlcreek Trixy Trillium of Blossom

RTT Teagan Aspen of Blossom, Cream Point Bicolor (High-Mitted) Ragdoll.

Sire: RTT Teagan Aspen of Blossom

Plum is my big, gorgeous blue tortie from Dana at Blossom Ragdolls. I don't think anything phases her. She's so calm and tolerant about things and adores my son. Our family insists she is in her forever home. She has grown up sleeping in my room so she's really skilled at bombarding me with face kisses and biscuits in the morning. Even though she has matured, she still cries to me with her little baby mew. She's a real sweetheart and so soft! I hope her size, coat and personality pass on to her kittens. I hope to add lynx into her line so that I can have torties, lynx and torbies in litters.

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