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Snoot Boop Ragdolls Contract

*This contract is a copy to be looked over. You will be provided with an actual copy that you will sign.*

Sold Cat: ____________________             Color/Pattern: ___________________     D.O.B: ____/____/____

Name: SnootBoop __________________________________            Microchip: _______________________

Sire: ____________________________________________________________

Dam: ____________________________________________________________

Price: $___________                Balance paid on/by: $____/____/_______

Please Print The Following Info:

one #: (______)____________________ E-mail: _____________________________________

Purchaser's Name: ________________________________________

Address: __________________________________________________


1. Once you have chosen a kitten to reserve, a deposit of $500 is needed to place the kitten on hold. BUYER understands the deposit paid is non-refundable but can be transferable to another cat of the same litter (if available) or any future litter. All kittens must be paid in full 2 weeks prior to pick-up if paying with check. Otherwise payment in cash, Zelle or Venmo can be accepted at time of pick-up.
2. Buyer agrees that the inoculation (vaccination) for Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP) is controversial and studies have shown the vaccine to be dangerous and by giving this vaccine, any and all health guarantees in this agreement become null and void. Please check with your vet about the vaccine Feline Leukemia (FeLv), your vet can let you know if they feel this vaccination is in your cat's best interest.
NEVER allow the rabies vaccination to be given along with ANY other vaccination. Failure to comply will void all said guarantees.

3. If for any reason Buyer becomes unwilling or unable to keep the Cat and provide the Cat with proper food, shelter, and medical attention, Buyer agrees to surrender the Cat to Seller, unconditionally, with no reimbursement or refund to Buyer.
4. Buyer agrees that it will not be sold, traded or given away to any pet shop, laboratory or adoption facility that has any kind of euthanasia practice.
5. If buyer is purchasing the Cat as a show quality cat. Buyer may show the Cat in shows; however, the Seller makes no representations or guarantees.
6. The cat will not be allowed to roam outdoors unattended or supervised, there is too much risk, and buyer agrees the cat will be indoors only.
7. One or more scratching posts and fresh, clean water will be provided for the cat at all times as well as a species-appropriate diet.
8. The cat will not be given any OTC/over-the-counter or prescription medication without a vet's written understanding and approval. By giving any medication without the approval of a vet will void any and all health guarantees in this agreement.
9. The cat will be kept free from pests such as fleas, ear-mites, fungus, worms, etc. by example: Revolution (recommended), Advantage or Frontline.
10. Buyer understands that declawing is a major surgery on a cat and that it removes the first knuckle, which can and has lead to behavioral problems and health issues. The Buyer understands that under NO circumstance is the cat to be declawed. In the event that the declawing procedure is performed, the buyer assumes all responsibility for the health and behavioral issues afterwards and does not hold Seller responsible. All guarantees are null & void should the cat be declawed.
11. LIMITED WARRANTY: The cat must be examined by a licensed veterinarian, for a health check within 72 hours after receiving cat. Purchaser is responsible for entire vet bill. If it is found that there is any serious/life threatening health question, purchaser has 48 hours after the veterinary exam in which to ask for a replacement cat. This request MUST accompany a letter from your veterinarian stating why the cat’s health is in question. If purchaser fails to comply with any aspect of this agreement, purchaser forfeits any rights purchaser may otherwise have.
12. GENETIC GUARANTEE: Cat has a FOUR year guarantee against lethal genetic or congenital defects from the date of this contract. Cat is covered for TWO years against FIP. If cat should die or be destroyed due to a genetic defect during this period seller agrees to replace the cat with the next available cat of like quality, upon being provided with a necropsy (autopsy) report from a licensed, impartial veterinary pathologist or vet records indicating diagnoses from at least two examinations from 2 different Vets (not in the same practice) prior to death. The report must state that death was unquestionably a genetic or congenital defect. Seller will not be responsible for any shipping or transportation costs. Buyer is also responsible for spay or neuter costs.
13. In the event of a sudden or unexplained death, purchaser agrees to have an autopsy performed by a licensed veterinary pathologist and to forward the report to the seller. Seller, at their own discretion, may replace cat after the genetic guarantee has expired. Full medical history must be supplied to the seller.
14. If cat is to be found mistreated, neglected or ill for an unreasonable length of time at Seller’s request Buyer must surrender the cat to Seller with no reimbursement or refund to Buyer.
15. Allergic reaction to the cat is the responsibility of the buyer, but seller will assist buyer in finding new home for cat, with limited or no reimbursement or refund to Buyer.
16. Seller will not be held responsible for any type of common feline infections known to affect cats beyond the 72 hour health guarantee. Buyer agrees there are common infections cats are often subject to suffer, and are beyond the control of the Seller.
17.Any legal fees incurred, by failing to comply with the above conditions, will be the responsibility of the Buyer, and will be filed and governed by, construed, and enforced in accordance with the laws of the state of Texas, as well as Denton County.
18. If seller finds it in the best interest of the cat, seller has a right to cancel this contract and refund all monies payed, before Buyer takes possession of cat.
Buyer agrees to and/or guarantees the following conditions:
If owner finds problem with cat after the 72 hour veterinarian exam, the owner agrees to allow full compliance to be in contact with the buyers vet, in order to ask questions, as well as keeping up to date on the health of each of our kittens/cats.

This is a legal binding document. Buyer agrees to forward all medical records and properly signed registration papers should the cat have to be surrendered back to the seller (Snoot Boop Ragdolls LLC) due to breech of contract with no reimbursements to buyer.

Effective date of purchase: ____/____/_______.
Seller's Signature                                                                           Buyer's Signature

__________________________________________         ____


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