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USAPurrs Marshmallow Fluff, Blue Point Mitted Ragdoll from Traditional Lines.


These are the litters already produced by Snoot Boop Ragdolls.


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Kittens: Aug 11th, 2023

Colors: Blue & Blue Tortie

Patterns: Mitted & Bicolor

Blood Type: A/A or A/c

They had 6 gorgeous kittens! 3 Females & 3 Males



BLUE 398380654_1460332321505616_5254362093024691146_n_edited.jpg
BLUE 385550897_1748041625640482_1680368422534069401_n_edited.jpg


(Blue Point Mitted Male)
He is now living in North Texas with his family.

Blue is a loving, gentle boy that is not shy to do his baby meow for attention. He is a floppy boy that likes to chat with you and has the cutest little meow. He can be found sleeping belly up, purring. He loves laps or laying on your chest when you lay down. Total sweetheart.

VideoCapture_20231104-192421 Purple_edited.jpg
VideoCapture_20231104-192318 Purple_edit


(Blue Point Mitted Male)
He is now living in Austin, Texas with his family.

He is a loving, adventurous boy. He is not afraid to get your attention for love. He likes to come up to you and lay on his back and purr while he gets his cuddles. He's going to be a big floppy boy! Him and Orange were always thick as thieves adventuring everywhere first. I think these 2 had bets about who would be biggest!

ORANGE 385556995_1344095963163522_8221287295391827800_n_edited_edited.jpg

(Blue Point Mitted Male)

Orange & Black are together as Kansas City kids!

Orange is a really handsome and sweet boy. He loves play time and affection equally, a mix of both together is his favorite time. He just adores attention, he's a real ham! He is a big, confident boy and I have developed a real soft spot for him! He is so floppy! He also loves faces. He has been known to grab and bear hug mine while giving kisses.



(Blue Tortie Point Bicolor Female)
This sweet purr machine found a sweet family with a little one and some pups to grow up with. She already looks quite spoiled so I'm really happy for her. She loves affection so much and is more than happy to give you baby meows for your attention. I think she adored the extra time she got after her siblings went home. She was very happily working on her lap cat skills.

BLACK 385559823_878045620201658_8520966868587040103_n_edited.jpg
BLACK 385552426_1751200238639422_2013155746791139816_n_edited.jpg

(Blue Point Bicolor Female)

Black & Orange are together as Kansas City kids!

She is a huge lover for attention and isn't afraid to demand it. This girl is cuddles, purrs and wanting to be on you. She is a very confident girl and loves play time. Black has turned out to be a very beautiful, large girl! I think she is going to be big! She gains really well and battles for top weight constantly with 2 of her brothers.

VideoCapture_20231104-181419 Green_edited.jpg
VideoCapture_20231104-180811 Green_edited.jpg

SnootBoop Green Bean

(Blue Point Bicolor Female)
This absolute sweetheart is being assessed. She is very social and loving. A gigantic purr box on her! She loves being included in everything and following me around. She has this way of looking up at you with the cutest innocent expression. I'm excited to see how she turns out, she reminds me so much of her mama Plum. She even has this real tiny meow just like Plum does!

USAPurrs Marshmallow Fluff, Blue Point Mitted Ragdoll from Traditional Lines.

Kittens: Oct 31st, 2022

Colors: Blue

Patterns: Mitted, Bicolor and Colorpoint

Blood Type: A/A or A/c

They had 3 gorgeous kittens! 2 Females & 1 Male

Paramountcy-Dolls Soul Man "Jake", Blue Point Mitted Ragdoll from Traditional Lines.


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