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USAPurrs Marshmallow Fluff, Blue Point Mitted Ragdoll from Traditional Lines.
Blossom Plumeria of SnootBoop, Blue Point Tortie Bicolor (High-Mitted) Ragdoll.
FamilytimeRags Shoot For The Moon, Seal Point Bicolor (High-Mitted) Ragdoll from Traditional Lines.


Snoot Boop Ragdolls is a small, family-owned cattery in DFW, Texas. Breeding registered Ragdolls to breed standard. I hope to help improve upon the health of the breed while maintaining their phenomenal personalities and looks. I'd really love to contribute strong lines to help keep this amazing breed going. I think anyone that likes cats should experience what it's like to be owned by these big, affectionate Ragdolls.

My cattery name came from both my dog and my cat. Sometimes you just have to boop snoots. Our dog is very known for it and we do have face cats as well. It's just a cute and silly way to show some affection. They love doing it to get attention.


I decided to start this cattery in 2021. I took time to research and make sure it was something I would devote myself to. My love and compassion for animals runs back to my childhood. I wanted to be a veterinarian and did end up going to school for it. Working closely with animals is my true passion in life and I am committed to contributing healthy lines and beloved companions to those that add my Ragdoll kittens and cats to their family.

I know I am very fortunate in my journey to have been set up with Stormi (& CJ) Nell of Familytime Rags. My cattery would not be where it is today without her. I would not have the quality and beautiful foundation breeders that quickly won over my heart. I'm really grateful to her for being such an amazing mentor and I'm excited to see our friendship grow. I'm also very proud of her for winning Ragdoll Breed Committee Chair with TICA! I hope to get involved in the breed as she has.

Special thanks to Stormi Nell again and Carinne Schoonderwoert and Ivo Holsters (Paramountcy Dolls) for trusting me with one of her proven males as my foundation King, Jake. Thank you so much to Dana Pendergraph (Blossom Ragdolls) for trusting me with my beloved Plum and Brianne DeFoe (USAPurrs) for my sweet Fluff.

USAPurrs Marshmallow Fluff x Paramountcy-Dolls Soul Man "Jake" Litter 2022. SnootBoop Cake (Blue Point Mitted) and SnootBoop Vanilla Bean (Blue Colorpoint).

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USAPurrs Marshmallow Fluff, Blue Point Mitted Ragdoll from Traditional Lines.
SnootBoop Muffin, Blue Point Bicolor (High-Mitted) Ragdoll from Traditional Lines.

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